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How to become a millionaire

Strategies to save a million bucks

The United States is a rich nation that offers limitless possibilities to build a massive nest egg.

Of course, one must first lose wasting time and energy on road rage, political rage, blogger rage, over-the-top cynicism and manic hopelessness to see that ray of hope to reach the million-dollar mark is doable.

Follows are a number of tips and paths to get going again to achieve the life and live by today's Golden Rule; i.e., he/she with the gold rules:

1. "First, get a million dollars," is Steve Martin's ticket to financial success, as put forward in season three, episode 9 of Saturday Night Live: More>

2. published three easy (EASY!?) steps offered by writers Paul Lim and George Mannes: More>

3. offers Laura Bruce's seven easy (hah!) steps to become a millionaire: More>

4. Jason at has a road map for a 10-year sojourn to become a millionaire: More>

5. calculates a 25-year-old will need to save $15/per day or $450/mo. until his 70th birthday to reach a million clams; for 35-year-olds it will take saving $850/mo. for the rest of his working days; for 45-year-olds it's $1,700/mo.; 55-year-old workers will need to save $4,000 each month to reach millionaire status: More>